Action & Contact

Many people have been working to gather information and to close this mining institute, and there is still work to do.

Since CIRDI is supposedly a public entity, there should be a certain level of transparency. But those running CIRDI are afraid to expose what they’re really up to. We all need to know what CIRDI proponents are planning, who they’re forming alliances with, and how they’re spending public money.

Internal release of information

You may be in a unique position to access this information.

If you work for CIRDI or have access to its files, you may want to help liberate emails, documents, reports, budgets, spending records, and information about partners, clients, projects, etc.

Specifically, you could focus on copying, scanning, or otherwise liberating:

  • reports submitted by CIRDI or the universities to DFATD including
    • project implementation plans
    • performance measurement frameworks
    • annual financial reports
    • annual narrative reports
    • audited financial statements
    • budgetary forecasts, etc.
  • emails to/from all supporters, partners, strategic partners, DFATD
  • annual and project budgets
  • travel itineraries & spending records & receipts
  • notes, reports, minutes, emails related to all projects abroad
  • the database of extractive sector expertise that CIRDI has been compiling
  • contractors’ reports and other work performed for CIRDI.

Contact us at

On campus

At UBC, join meetings of the Social Justice Centre to connect with those most active with this.

At SFU, people at SFPIRG can introduce you to the team working on this.

At KPU, the KPIRG organizers will connect you with those addressing corporatization and mining-related issues.

Write letters, access information

Express your concerns & opinions about this to university administration, CIRDI leadership, and to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development (DFATD). To email people associated with CIRDI:

If you can’t get the information just by asking them nicely for it, we can help you make formal FOI Requests under the Freedom of Information Act/Access to Information legislation.


Indignant about this mining institute?

With university executives refusing to openly engage about CIRDI, perhaps it’s time to make some noise at CIRDI and at the Liu Institute for Global Issues… or occupy their offices or a BOG meeting…

The Liu Institute and CIRDI office at UBC

The Liu Institute and CIRDI’s office at UBC

CIRDI office at 6190 Agronomy Road (w/ East Mall) UBC

CIRDI’s office is in Suite 408 at 6190 Agronomy Road (w/ East Mall), UBC

Liu Institute (now hosting CIRDI) at 6476 NW Marine Drive at UBC

Liu Institute (now hosting CIRDI) at 6476 NW Marine Drive (near West Mall), UBC

Harper's CIRDI Mining Institute at UBC & SFU: Free Prior & Informed Consent a barrier to mining profits