13 October 2016

Angélica Choc is Not Alone: A Conversation on Canadian Corporate Violence in Guatemala
3:00-5:00 pm, UBC Liu Institute for Global Issues (Research Unit, Main Floor)
Unceded Musqueam Territory

Join us in a roundtable discussion in solidarity with Angélica Choc, Indigenous Q’eqchi Maya activist, whose home was shot at by unknown assailants in the early hours of September 17, 2016.

This incident was days before her appearance in court for the murder of her husband Adolfo Ich on September 27th, 2009 by private security from Canadian-owned HudBay Minerals at the Fénix mine in El Estor. In addition to the case in Guatemalan courts, Choc has initiated a precedent-setting law suit in Canadian courts against HudBay Minerals and its Guatemalan subsidiary the Guatemalan Nickel Company (Compañía Guatemalteca de Níquel, or CGN in Spanish) over her husband’s murder.

Moderator: Juanita Sundberg, Associate Professor (Geography, UBC)

Confirmed speakers: Sheryl Lightfoot (Lake Superior Band of Ojibwe), Canada Research Chair in Global Indigenous Rights and Politics and Associate Professor, First Nations and Indigenous Studies & Political Science (UBC); Autumn Knowlton, PhD Candidate (Educational Studies, UBC); Bjorn Stime, PhD Candidate (School of Population and Public Health, UBC)

There will be light refreshments available.

If you cannot attend, but would like to make a donation to help Angélica with her legal and security expenses, please visit our crowd-funding website at:


12 July 2016

Film Screening: Flin Flon Flim Flam, and Q+A with Director
7:00-9:00 pm, Cinematheque, 1131 Howe Street, Vancouver
A free event, co-sponsored with SFU Institute for the Humanities and InvestigativeMEDIA
Institute for the Humanities event page and Facebook event.

Award-winning journalist John Dougherty’s latest documentary “Flin Flon Flim Flam” reports on Toronto-based miner Hudbay Minerals’ worldwide operations and its human rights and environmental abuses. The exposé reveals how Hudbay contaminated its home community in Flin Flon, Manitoba with high levels of heavy metals from a smelter the company operated for more than 80 years.

The documentary also reports on the impact to residents of Hudbay’s former mine in El Estor, Guatemala where the company’s security guards allegedly clashed with residents over land claims. A Mayan community leader was shot to death and another man left paralyzed in the September 2009 violence.

Hudbay is now the target of three precedent-setting civil suits in Toronto that have withstood the company’s attempts to have the case thrown out. The cases are proceeding to trial, and mark the first time a Canadian company is being held accountable in Canadian courts for the acts of an overseas subsidiary.

Dougherty also reports on demonstrations and community opposition to Hudbay’s recently opened Constancia open pit copper mine in Uchucarco, Peru. Residents in the community were beaten and tear gassed by Peruvian National Police wearing rain gear provided by Hudbay Minerals. Residents in the rural community claim Hudbay has reneged on its promises to the community in exchange for rights to the land for the open pit mine.

The film covers in detail the environmental destruction that would occur if Hudbay Minerals obtains state and federal permits to construct the Rosemont mine in Arizona, and the threat to Green Valley’s water supply from Hudbay’s planned groundwater pumping. Hudbay has promised to replace groundwater it pumps from the Santa Cruz River Valley with Central Arizona Project Canal water. Critics, however, cast doubt that Hudbay will be able to fulfill its promise as Colorado River supplies continue to decline. Watch the trailer here.

Mr. Dougherty will answer questions after the screening.

Flin Flon Flim Flam

04 November 2015

David Barsamian: War on Nature and the Future of the Planet
4-6 pm, Abdul Ladha Student Centre, 2055 East Mall, UBC
“For more than three decades, Barsamian has discussed social inequity, foreign policy, resistance, environmentalism, corporate media, economic exploitation, and more. A contemporary and co-author of progressive luminaries, Barsamian’s years of dedication to justice and the lessons he’s cultivated from them will provide an indispensable resource for today’s organizers.” Students organizing around Stop the Institute will also present and have material available.
Free admission. Free tickets at
Organized by UBC Students for Climate Action, sponsored by SANSAD and the Hari Sharma Foundation.
Also, 05 November, David Barsamian: Alternative Media and Climate Action, 7pm at UBC Robson Square. Free tickets at

27 October 2015

¡Mesoamerica Resiste! presented by the Beehive Design Collective
4:30 – 6:30 pm, Room 7000, SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings
Pollinating SFU & UBC with the Beehive’s interactive storytelling about grassroots resistance to resource extraction industries. With unique art and media accompanied by an engaging narrative that links social movements to environmental struggles, and connects cultural and ecological diversity.


06 September 2015

VLAFF Film Screenings: ‘Daughter of the Lake’ and ‘Ashes’
5:00 pm, The Cinematheque, 1130 Howe Street
co-presented with the Mining Justice Alliance
See more at the website of the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival

30 March 2015

The Devil Operation (free film screening)
5:00 – 7:00 pm, UBC’s Buchanan A, Room 102
followed by discussion and Q&A with the film-makers
as part of the Social Justice Centre Conference 2015 (facebook event page)

28 March 2015

Toxic Tour: Extractive Industries & Voices of Resistance
Guided tour by the Mining Justice Alliance
12: 00 – 3:00 pm
starts at north side of Vancouver Art Gallery (Georgia & Howe)

28 March 2015

Research on Extraction: what for and for whom? (workshop)
9:00 am – 12:00 pm, SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings
as part of the State of Extraction conference (facebook event page)

27-28-29 March 2015

State of Extraction Conference
Hosted by SFU’s Institute for the Humanities
at SFU Harbour Centre, 515 West Hastings

26 March 2015

A Questionable Proposition of Values (panel discussion)
2:30 – 4:30 pm, UBC’s Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, Room 302
as part of the Social Justice Centre Conference 2015 (facebook event page)

24 March 2015

Diadora’s testimony from La Puya (short film screening)
Stories of Resistance to Canadian Mining in Guatemala
5:00 – 6:30 pm, UBC’s Buchanan A, Room 103
as part of the Social Justice Centre Conference 2015 (facebook event page)

Harper's CIRDI Mining Institute: secretive, opaque, and unaccountable