Win for the Kwantlen community: Kinder Morgan’s MOU scrapped

KPU’s president Alan Davis at the KPU and KM public forum in July 2015, courtesy Lenée Son (via

Students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), along with the Kwantlen First Nation, won a victory earlier this month when KPU president, Alan Davis, finally backed down from KPU’s initial position to stand by an MOU with Kinder Morgan, the pipeline giant that aims to ram through the TransMountain Pipeline expansion despite massive opposition on its route.

The student association at KPU had immediately spoken out in opposition to the MOU with Kinder Morgan, stating that accepting the promise of funds if the pipeline goes through amounts to “tacit endorsement” of the pipeline.

The Kwantlen Nation, the Kwantlen Public Research Interest Group, KPU faculty, students, and alumni, and the anti-pipeline organization PIPE UP all had expressed their deep concerns.

On October 2nd, the KPU president finally backed out of the MOU – a victory for all of us, and an encouraging example showing how university leadership can reconsider the facts and reverse poor decisions involving ethically dubious relationships with industry.

Congratulations, KPU!

UBC, SFU and EPM, it’s time to step it up and take another look at the ethical compromises associated with hosting CIRDI at our universities.