Partners with CIRDI

This website is dedicated to providing critical information about the federally-mandated Canadian International Resources and Development Institute (CIRDI), to support the campaign to close it, and to identify the extractive sector corporations and associations, NGOs, academic units, and individuals that are linked with the Institute and thus may be contributing to the threat that CIRDI may pose to affected communities.

This information is mostly from current and past versions of the CIRDI website, partners’ websites, and letters of support. The list will be updated from time to time to reflect our best knowledge. Names will be removed or crossed out as individuals and organizations notify us they have formally broken ties with CIRDI; names will be added when we find out more.

The following individuals make up the executive board of CIRDI.

  1. Moura Quayle, Chair  (Director, UBC Liu Institute for Global Issues, LIGI)
  2. Stephen Nairne (Lundin Foundation)
  3. Arlin Hackman (consultant for WWF)
  4. Helen M. Burt (UBC’s Associate Vice President of Research & International, AVPRI)
  5. Joy Johnson (SFU’s Vice President, Research)
  6. Doug Horswill (Former Senior VP, Teck Resources)
  7. Louise Millette (Director of EPDM’s Department of Civil, Geological, and Mining Engineering)
  8. Line Dube (Director of EPDM’s Office of International Relations)
  9. Daniel Shapiro (SFU’s Beedie School of Business)
  10. Carolyn Egri (SFU’s Beedie School of Business)
  11. Dirk Van Zyl (UBC Keevil Mining Institute)

And the following individuals make up the recently-formed Advisory Committee.

  1. Ben Chalmers (Vice President, Mining Association of Canada)
  2. Jim Cooney (adjunct professor, UBC Mining Engineering; adjunct professor, SFU Beedie School of Business)
  3. Steven D’Esposito (President, Resolve Inc.)
  4. Susan Joyce (Principal, On Common Ground Consultants Inc.)
  5. Patricia Peña (Director General, Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development (DFATD) Canada)
  6. Paulo de Sa (Practice Manager, Energy & Extractives, World Bank)
  7. Bruce Sprague (National Mining Leader, Mining & Metals, Ernst & Young)
  8. Ted Thomas (Senior Advisor, Devonshire Initiative; Advisor, Private Sector Partnerships, CARE Canada)
  9. Janine Ferretti (Chief, Environmental Safeguards Unit, Inter-American Development Bank)
  10. Larry Phillip (Phil) Fontaine (President, Ishkonigan Consulting and Mediation Inc.)
  11. Ian Satchwell (Senior Fellow, Perth USAsia Centre, University of Western Australia)
  12. Philip Baker (Regional Director General, Southern and Eastern Africa, Canadian International Development Agency) (former)
  13. Sam Burton (Advocacy Manager, Engineers Without Borders) (former)

The following individuals lead CIRDI, whether or not their names are still listed on the institute website.

  1. Cassie Doyle, Chief Executive Officer
  2. Elaine Pura, Director, International Operations & Flagship Programs
  3. Mairi Murchison, Director, Institute and Management
  4. Bern Klein, Senior Advisor
  5. David Parker, Senior Advisor (Director, IDM Mining; ex-VP Sustainability, Teck Resources)
  6. Kristina Henriksson, (SFU),Director, Learning & Education, Management committee member
  7. Richard Simon, Co-Director, Applied Research
  8. Michael Hitch, Assistant Director, Learning & Education (left?)
  9. Marcello Veiga, Co-Director, Applied Research (left?)
  10. Malcolm Scoble, Director, Advisory Services (left?)
  11. Jessica Bratty, Manager, Engagement & Learning (left?)
  12. Glenn Sigurdson, Director, Engagement & Dialogue (left?)
  13. Ingrid Putkonen, Anthropologist in Residence (left?)
  14. Philippe Le Billon, (Liu Institute for Global Issues, UBC), Management committee member
  15. Ghislain Rivard, (International Relations, EPDM), Management committee member
  16. Gilian Dusting, (Dusting Communications), Senior Communications and Marketing Lead
  17. Helene Dragatsi, Program Lead
  18. Hernan Ruiz, Program Lead
  19. Jeffrey Selder, Acting Senior Program Lead
  20. Cecilia Gruber, Fellows Lead

The following academic groups (with individuals’ names listed as details are revealed) have been identified as ‘strategic partners,’ ‘partners,’ ‘supporters,’ or otherwise collaborating with CIRDI:

  1. The University of British Columbia (UBC)
    Liu Institute for Global Issues
    Moura Quayle, Philipe Le Billon, others
    Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering
    Dawn Mills, Bern Klein, Malcolm Scoble, Michael Hitch, Marcello Veiga, others
    Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
  2. Simon Fraser University (SFU)
    Responsible Minerals Sector Initiative
    Glenn Sigurdson, Jessica Bratty, Jim Cooney, Christopher Tucker, Kirk Hill, Carolyn Egri, Sudheer Gupta, Kristina Henriksson, Thomas Gunton
  3. Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal (EPDM)
    Research Center on Water Treatment
    Richard Simon, Michel Aubertin, Line Dube, Thierry Warin, Michel Gamache, Roger Martin, Nathalie de Marcellis, Nathalie Pelletier, Michel Leonard, Jean-Pierre Bolduc, Mathieu Decoste, and others from the Research Center on Water Treatment including Benoit Barbeau, Jamal Chaouki,  Yves Comeau, Sarah Dorner, Robert Hausler, Michele Prevost, and Paul Stuart.
  4. University of Toronto
    Paul Young (Vice President, Research and Innovation)
    Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics and Board Effectiveness
    David Beatty, others
    Rotman School of Management
    Lassonde Institute of Mining
    Lassonde Mineral Engineering Program
    John Hadjigeorgiou, Claudette Mackay, others
  5. University of Queensland, Australia
    Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI)
    Directors: Chris Moran, Ben Adair, Saleem Ali, Victoria Anderson, David Brereton, David Cliff, David Mulligan, Neil McIntyre, Margaretha Scott, Andrew Garnett, Wayne Stange
    Others: Ana Maria Esteves, Robin Evans, Tim Horberry, Martha Macintyre, John Owen, Catherine Pattenden, Will Rifkin, Susanne Arend, Armando de la Flor Olavide, Diana Arbelaez-Ruiz, Nina Collins, and many others
  6. University of Witwatersrand
    Centre for Sustainability in Mining and Industry
  7. Carleton University
    Carleton International
  8. Makerere University
    College of Engineering, Design, Art & Technology (CEDAT)
    School of Engineering
    Dept of Mechanical Engineering
    Joseph Kadoma Byaruhanga, others
  9. Saint Paul University
    Faculty of Human Sciences & Philosophy
    Karlijn Demasure, Louis Guay, others
  10. McGill University
    Rose Goldstein (Vice President, Research & International Relations)
    School of Urban Planning
    Institute for the Study of International Development (ISID)
    Philip Oxhorn, Sonia Laszlo, Patrick Brennan, Lisa Bornstein, Ralf St. Clair, Robert Mellin, Vikram Bhatt, Ahmed El-Geneidy, Raphael Fischler, Hani Mitri, Kriss Waters, David Brown, Ferri Hassani, others
  11. Universidade de São Paulo
    Department of Mining Engineering
  12. University of Guelph
    Alastair Summerlee (President), Nonita Yap, John Devlin, George Green, Harry Cummings, Evan Fraser, Ben Bradshaw (& students)
  13. Delft University of Technology
    Department of Geoscience and Engineering
    Jan Dirk Jansen (dept head), others
  14. University of Ottawa
    IUCN Academy of Environmental Law
    Jamie Benedickson, Yves Le Bouthillier, others
  15. Mercer University
    Mercer on Mission
    Craig McMahan, others
  16. York University
    Schulich School of Business
    Wesley Cragg (also director of CBERN)
  17. The University of Dundee
    Graduate School of Natural Resources Law, Policy and Management
    Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy
    Ian Ball, Pieter Bekker, Peter Cameron, others
  18. British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)
    Engineering & Natural Resources
    School of Construction and the Environment

The following non-governmental organizations have been identified as ‘strategic partners,’ ‘partners,’ ‘supporters,’ or otherwise collaborating with CIRDI:

  1. The North-South Institute (no longer exists)
  2. Canadian International Council (CIC), Open Canada
  3. Lundin Foundation
    Lukas Lundin, Stephen Nairne, Paul Conibear, Kevin Campbell, Anna Samaké, Ka-Hay Law, Michelle Fyfe, Sophia Shane, Sandy Kansky, Karamo Sonko, others.
  4. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada
    Arlin Hackman, Gerald Butts (President & CEO), others
  5. Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta (YTS), Indonesia – part of PT Kalimantan Surya Kencana, part of Kalimantan Gold Corp. Ltd.
    Bardolf Paul, Sumali Agrawal, others
  6. Building Markets
    Scott Gilmore, Aroop Bhattasali, Rianna Black, Ainsley Butler, Stan Shikakuda, Kim Loranger, Emmanual Maillard, Scott McCord, Timothy Melvin, Edward Rees, Andrew Williams, + field staff not listed on website
  7. CARE Canada
    Santiago Alba-Corral, Ted Thomas, others
  8. GLOBE Foundation
    John Wiebe, Nancy Wright, Freddie Frankling, Frank Came, Paul Shorthouse, Mark Heilig, Randall Cook, Trish Maisonville, John Neate, others
  9. World Vision
  10. Canadian Organization for Development through Education (CODE)
    Scott Walter, Eric Slade, Allen LeBlanc, Marc Molnar, Willy Rangira, Hilya Olyan, Josee Lemire, Natalie MacLellan, Dominique Naud, Amie Gibson, others.
  11. Environmental Women in Action for Development (EWAD)
    Margaret Tuhumwire, Shallon Ninsiima, others
  12. Making Africa Work
    Cherie Enns, Pete Ondeng, others
  13. Salama SHIELD Foundation (Canada)
    Luke Williams, others
  14. Association Pur La Lecture L’education et Le Developpement Au Mali (ALED Mali)
  15. Parliamentary Centre
    Michael Murphy, Carole Chouinard, David Schijins, Mark Adler, Mauril Belanger, Maureen Boyd, Herbert Breau, David Christopherson, Diane Davidson, Peter Dobell, Fen Hampson, Randy Hoback, Pierre Claude Nolin, Peter Stoffer, Claude Morris, Jean-Paul Ruszkowski, Petra Andersson-Charest, Angela Hamil, Peter Dobell, Gifty Adika, Adams Fusheini, Thomas Ayinbila, others.

The following government or government-affiliated groups and individuals have been identified as ‘strategic partners,’ ‘partners,’ ‘supporters,’ or otherwise collaborating with CIRDI:

  1. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
    Ludovic Bernaudat
  2. Mexico, Direccion General de Promocion Minera
  3. Mongolia, Ministry of Education
  4. Republic of Uganda. Department of Geological Survey and Mines

The following consulting companies engage directly with communities and governments to manage social conflicts and perceptions on behalf of transnational extractive companies:

  1. Monkey Forest Consulting
    Gary MacDonald, Tim McLaughlin, Colleen Dragan, Lloyd “Tom” Green, Carol Odell, Jerry Cole, Golden Atienza, Maurice Bridge, Nilo Brucal, Joel Buan, Nestor Castro, Sylvie Charland, Don Conley, Steve Feher, Dan Francisco, Randy Hicks, Trevor Kalinowsky, Neyza Linsangan, Zoe Mullard, Rebecca Reiber, Janis Shandro, Don McFetridge
  2. On Common Ground Consultants Inc.
    Susan Joyce, Ian Thomson, Giselle Huamani Ober, Ann Pacey, Lloyd Lipsett, Michelle Hohn, Jorge Mario Rios, Rebecca Darling

Furthermore, the following extractive companies, industry associations, industry-led “multi-stakeholder initiatives,” and lobby groups have been identified as ‘strategic partners,’ ‘partners,’ ‘supporters,’ or otherwise collaborating with CIRDI:

  1. Devonshire Initiative
    Alanna Rondi (executive director); Ted Thomas (advisor); Steering Committee: David Clarry (Hudbay Minerals), Evelyne Guindon (Right to Play), Santiago Alba Corral (CARE Canada), Sam Burton (Engineers without Borders Canada), Nadine Grant (Plan Canada), Simon Jimenez (Barrick Gold), Ed Opitz (Kinross Gold), Aaron Steeghs (IAMGOLD) Read some back-story and critique on the Devonshire Initiative, and see for yourself the website for this “multi-stakeholder initiative.”
  2. Goldcorp Inc.
    Brent Bergeron, Charles Jeannes, George Burns, Lindsay Hall, Charlene Ripley, Russell Ball, Paul Farrow, Charlie Ronkos, Colette Rustad, Chris Woodall, Anna Tudela, John Bell, others
  3. Goldcorp Inc./Tahoe Resources Ltd.’s John Bell, parading under title of “Honorary Consul for Cote d’Ivoire in Vancouver”
  4. Teck Resources Ltd.
  5. Vale Institute of Technology
  6. African Minerals Ltd.
  7. Asanko Gold (Keegan Resources)
  8. Audeamus International Resources
  9. Colossus Minerals
  10. SeedRock Group
  11. Stantec
  12. NewGold Inc.
  13. Fresnillo PLC
  14. Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia (AME BC)
  15. The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)
  16. International Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC)
    Ian Satchwell, Richard Slattery, Robin Evans, Helen Langley, others including researchers: Diana Arbelaez-Ruiz, Juan Mauricio Benavidez, Barbara Onate Santibanez, Rebekah Ramsay, Isabel Buitrago, Natasha Canoucaras, Sue Vink, Abdula Bansuan, David Allan, Bernadetta Devi, Dody Prayogo, Daniel Franks, Peter Erskine, Colin Filer, Marjorie Andrew, Phillipa Carr, Benedict Imbun, Bill Sagir, Rosemary Benjamin, Casper Damien, Jennifer Krimbu, Deane Worobo, Paul Flatau, Elena Douglas, Catherine Pattenden, Julia Plavina, Mzamose Gondwe, Andy Fourie, James McIntosh, Graeme McIlveen, and others here.
  17. Canadian Business Ethics Research Network (CBERN)
  18. Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM), Lima-Peru
  19. Ernst & Young LLP
    Bruce Sprague (Partner, Canadian Mining & Metals Leader)
    Fiona Macfarlane (Managing Partner, British Columbia)
  20. Fasken Martineau Du Moulin LLP
    Kevin O’Callaghan, others
  21. African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC)
  22. The World Economic Forum
  23. Natural Resource Charter (NRC)
    Paul Collier, Jim Cust, Ernesto Zedillo, Mo Ibrahim, Shengman Zhang, Luisa Diogo, Abdulatif Al-Hamad, Saleem Ali, others
  24. Natural Resource Governance Institute
  25. Instituto Nacional de Investigación Geológico Minero Metalúrgico (INIGEMM)
    Colón Velásquez López, others
  26. EduMine

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